Why Helivision?

At Helivision all our operators are fully trained and have a CAA license. We are regulated by the Air Navigation Order and are legally certified to carry out large construction projects.

Choosing Helivision means a quick and seamless service no matter what your requirements or where your site is. You do not have to spend time looking for the right drone operator for your sites location and then carrying out lengthy due diligence.

When you By contracting with Helivision for all your drone surveying needs you only need to carry out one set of due diligence – on us! We will then carry out your surveys wherever they are required - can be sure that all of the due diligence checks are in place and that we have nationwide.

Our expert team of qualified drone operators use We choose the operator and the equipment best suited to your specific surveying needs whether over a large area such as a vegetation survey or more detailed analysis of a small areas such as a roof or building detail.

Why use Drones?

Drones are being used increasingly for a huge variety of surveys needed regularly in the property and construction sectors. They have many advantages over conventional surveying:

  • SAFE – Drones remove the necessity for surveyors to access potentially dangerous locations and hard to reach parts of buildings such as extreme heights. Our drones can fly as high as 400ft.
  • QUICK – A drone survey can be organized and completed within a couple of weeks. There is no need to arrange cherry pickers, erect scaffolding, close footpaths or suspend parking bays for survey vehicles for example.
  • RELIABLE – A drone survey will capture everything that is on the site or on the building. It cannot leave anything out or get a measurement wrong.
  • NON-INVASIVE – Drones can fly within the site or building’s airspace so no permissions are required. They are also suitable for fragile structures as no pressure is put on the building
  • FLEXIBLE – Visuals from a drone survey can be real time footage which can be used in meetings or presentations or stills; perfect for marketing material or tender documentation
  • AFFORDABLE - A drone survey is not as expensive as you may think! There is often a lot less equipment needed or permits required and so time is saved in the long run.

In addition, using a drone can often reduce or eliminate some of the incidental activities associated with other inspection methods, for example the closure of footpaths or the suspension of parking bays. Helivision undertake all photography and video services and full post production facilities enable your own branding of data produced in house.

Land, vegetation and building surveys, structural inspections, aerial mapping, topographical data and thermographic inspection they provide quick, safe and cost-effective access to hard to reach parts of your building or project.
• Full vertical party wall access to adjoining structures is enabled.
• Accurate progress monitoring of the percentage completions of roof areas.
• Nesting bird survey prior to demolition or tree removal.
• Non-invasive PV cell analysis & survey of existing or new PV installations.
• Vegetation Analysis (Including Japanese Knotweed). 
• LIDAR surveying and full 3D modelling from quarries to the most complex buildings.

Our Drone Operators

  • Helivision only use fully trained and licenced pilots across the country.
  • Health & Safety compliance is assured.
  • Legal requirements are in place for larger construction projects.
  • Regulated by the Air Navigation Order.

How it works

Working with Helivision means you will be dealing with a professional company, focused on delivering a total solution tailored to your specific needs. Because we only use qualified, highly trained drone pilots we can offer a swift and reliable service – removing the headache of you having to deal with a series of individual operators.

Request a quote via the brief form below and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

Fill in your contact details. Give us the coordinates or site details to be surveyed and the job description.

Our surveying team will assess your needs and select the most suitable operator. We will contact you with a quote within five days.

On completion of the job the footage or images are emailed to you.

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