Why use Drones?

Drones are being used increasingly by Local Authorities for a huge variety of surveys and monitoring from property and land to infrastructure and environmental. They have many advantages over conventional surveying:

  • SAFE – Drones remove the need for surveyors to access potentially dangerous locations and hard to reach parts of buildings such as extreme heights. Drones can fly as high as 400ft.
  • QUICK – A drone survey can be organized and completed within a couple of weeks. There is no need to arrange cherry pickers, erect scaffolding, close footpaths or suspend parking bays for survey vehicles.
  • RELIABLE – A drone survey will capture everything that is on the site or on the building. It cannot leave anything out or get a measurement wrong.
  • NON-INVASIVE – Drones can fly within the site or building’s airspace so no permissions are required. They are also suitable for fragile structures as no pressure is put on the building.
  • FLEXIBLE – Visuals from a drone survey can be real time footage which can be used in meetings or presentations or stills; perfect for marketing material or tender documentation.
  • AFFORDABLE - A drone survey is not as expensive as you may think! There is often a lot less equipment needed or permits required and so time is saved in the long run.
How drones make life easier

Which types of projects are suitable for drone surveys?

  • Building Maintenance: surveys and structural inspections
  • Land surveys: for planning/ development uses
  • Construction project progress
  • Infrastructure: highways, rail & energy installations
  • Legal: Boundary disputes/ rights of light & party wall access
  • Sustainability/Environment: Vegetation analysis including Japanese Knotweed, nesting bird survey prior to demolition, non-invasive PV panel inspection
  • Agency and marketing: promotional material using aerial images and footage
  • LIDAR surveying and full 3D modelling
  • Animal husbandry & crop management including fertilizer distribution
  • Marine and Coastal erosion: monitoring in dangerous locations

Expert Advice

“The use of drones is increasingly important as a tool for Local Authorities and Housing Associations. There are also more members of the public flying drones in public places and, therefore, an increase in complaints! CAA sanctions and regulations are complex and difficult to understand and implement but Helivision can help. We offer quick, accurate and specialist advice, referring to our own legal advisors where necessary. We help clients discharge their due diligence responsibilities when appointing drone surveys themselves but also help manage nuisance flying in their area and importantly keep the public safe.”

Steve Lawrenson – MD, Helivision

Why Helivision?

We have been flying drones for over 2 years and know the regulations well. We have created our own legal contract for engaging drone operators & know what clients need to put in place before appointment. We’ve worked with local authorities and housing associations and understand the nuisance that domestic drones can cause and know all about permits and licences required to carry out commercial work. Before making expensive mistakes, speak to us! We offer a comprehensive online advice service – contact us now for expert help.

How it works

We offer an on-line based drone advice service which is available to Local Authorities, property owners, construction companies, surveyors, construction and property consultants – in fact anyone who is wondering about using drones for the first time, commissioning a drone survey or needing to manage the nuisance domestic drone flying can cause. We can help you:

  • Consider whether your project is suitable for a drone survey
  • Advise of the cost saving benefits
  • Draw up a specification for the work
  • Run the procurement and delivery of the survey
  • Advise on regulations, licences and CAA sanctions available in the case of nuisance drone flying

We can provide unlimited online support for an annual fee of £1,250 + VAT. If you would like to sign up for our service please provide your contact details below and our team will contact you to set this up.

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How Drones Make Life Easier

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